Our COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Wellness Plan

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Unless you have been buried in the sand for the last few weeks, you are aware of all the media hype surrounding the coronavirus (also known as COVID-19). Sadly, this coronavirus fear has totally gotten out-of-hand, from crashing our economy to totally irrational behaviors from individuals and companies that include cancelling mega-conferences and other events, as well as people raiding the grocery store shelves of items like toilet paper, tissue, disinfectant wipes and water. I am not trying to say we shouldn’t be concerned and find ways to protect ourselves, but perpetuating fear in this manner, is just inappropriate.

Remember that “fear” (and stress) can actually weaken your immune system which is the exact thing you do not want to do, so I recommend you approach protecting yourself from this or any virus with common sense. Sadly, even the World Health Organization (WHO) is perpetuating this fear. You would think that the leader of the WHO would be trying to offer solutions to helping people quiet their fears and offering common-sense health advice, but instead, WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is proclaiming, “Never been seen before. Almost nine times as many cases were reported in a 24-hour period beyond China than inside and the risk of coronavirus spreading was now very high at a global level.”

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Yet, as you can see from this graph below, sourced from the WHO, the number of deaths from COVID-19, is very low compared to other reported outbreaks and compared to the number of people who tested positive to the virus, as well as to other coronaviruses. The likelihood of dying from COVID-19 is pretty slim, compared to dying from influenza. And in fact, the ones who are getting sick, are likely because they are immune compromised, due to following conventional medicine recommendations of getting flu vaccines, eating the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.), taking antibiotics, and other pharmaceuticals.



However, the ones who are dying from this virus appear to be in the 70 and above age group, as you can see from the below data graph. In this age group, the people dying have also suffered from cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease or cancer, which emphasizes the need for everyone to start living healthier lives to avoid these conditions.


Just be thankful there is no vaccine available for this virus (yet). And if there ever is, “my recommendations” are not to take it. Vaccines, including the flu vaccine, are not going to keep you safe. Instead when others get the vaccine, they jeopardize you getting it because those receiving the vaccine will shed the virus, putting you more at risk of catching it. But, more than likely, the powers that be would want to make this vaccine mandatory. Fear tactics are stepped up every year, it seems. Last year it was the measles, and before that it was the Swine Flu.

According to Dr. Jack Wolfson, integrative cardiologist and natural holistic physician, a group called, ID2020 are talking about micro-chipping everybody (your identity with your medical and vaccination history placed on a micro-chip implanted in your body so that micro-chip can be scanned). You will not be allowed to get on an airplane and travel a certain destination until you have had certain vaccines. If we are not careful, our country will become a “police” state where Marshall-law will rule. The people behind this group include: Microsoft (think The Bill & Linda Gates Foundation), Gavi (the Vaccine Alliance) and The Rockefeller Foundation. Dr. Wolfson reminds us that it was the Rockefeller Foundation, in conjunction with the Flexner Brothers that got rid of “natural” medicine in the U.S., and only made it that medical education was solely controlled by the pharmaceutical industry. We must make sure we have our eyes wide-open to what is happening around us, according to Dr. Wolfson.

I recently posted this image on my social media, and honestly, it pretty much summarizes what you need to do to keep yourself safe from this virus. I have included more details and specifics, however, in this blog post.

However, if you would like even more thorough guidance, I have made a presentation called, “Strengthening Your Immune Health….Keeping You Out of the Ditch & On the Defense.” This is a 50-minute presentation, that I think you will find immensely helpful. I usually include this presentation in my paid online courses, however, I am including it here at no charge during this crisis. If you stay until the end of the video, there will be a special offer made to you.

In this presentation, I describe the “8 Essentials for Immune Health.” This information is relevant for almost any health condition, but it is especially relevant for staying safe from the coronavirus.

Additionally, I have made a second presentation, called “Coronavirus Survival Strategy,” a more specific look at how this virus can kill you, so that we can develop a strategic plan to survive it. No one is really giving you this information. Instead, complete hysteria is prevalent worldwide. This only makes matters more risky. Stress is not your friend when it comes to boosting your immune system.

Coronavirus Survival Strategy & Survival Protocol

Please DON’T believe it when the media tells you that “you cannot boost your immune system,” even (or especially) when that media person is a medical doctor. If someone is saying this, they have not been trained properly and they are getting their education from pharmaceutical reps. Remember, we do NOT have deficiencies of pharmaceutical drugs. It’s the pharmaceutical drugs that are causing havoc to our immune system.

Also, please don’t be swayed by the Walgreens and CVS institutions that make you believe they are being altruistic by giving away flu shots. Don’t think for a minute they don’t have an ulterior motive for doing this. Their motive is not to help you. They know that when many people are in their store, they will also purchase a six-pack of beer, candy bars and chips. Plus soon they may be back for pain pills and other prescriptions because their immune systems will have become compromised from their poor nutrition and from the pharmaceuticals and vaccines. They also know that your doctor will tell you to load up on Tylenol and ibuprofen to combat any fever you get (also horrible advice), so providing free flu shots is a drop in the bucket to them and inexpensive marketing.

Please don’t construe my sentiments for medical advice. It is basically information based on my many years of experience working in this so-called healthcare system. So, always check with your doctor before doing anything (but preferably a functional medicine doctor such as myself).

If you want to stay up-to-date with the recommendations of the CDC, in regards to the coronavirus, click HERE for that website:

Additionally, here is a LIVE Coronavirus Real Time Counter World Map News


LIVE Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by Johns Hopkins CSSE

Conventional medicine, The World Health Organization, the CDC and Big Pharma never ceases to amaze me. Not once has anyone of significance discussed how healthy eating and measures to protect ones immune status is the best way to protect oneself from this threat. Instead, the WHO says “Gilead Science’s” Remdesivir pharmaceutical product (better known as Tamiflu) may help treat coronavirus. Check out the below image of how much money was made last year by this and other pharmaceutical companies. Imagine how much more money Gilead Sciences will make when the WHO endorses this “crap” drug. What a scam! Tamiflu has been used as an anti-viral for years, and it is absolute “garbage,” having no efficacy.

In my presentation, “Strengthening Your Immune Health….Keeping You Out of the Ditch & On the Defense.” I mention that the 8th Essential for Immune Health is to “Employ Reinforcements.” There are plenty of reinforcements that have proven to have efficacy in scientific studies to be effective against viral threats (unlike what is being promoted by the WHO: “fear ” & Tamiflu).

First & Foremost, STOP the Madness (watch video below):

I recommend that you schedule an appointment to find out your individualized micronutrient and gut status needs and what reinforcements exactly you might need, but until then, I have made a few suggestions that you should consider adding to your toolkit to improve your immune status below.

Don’t forget the “Sunshine” vitamin. Check out my video below to learn why you MUST Optimize your vitamin D levels, especially, now to combat this virus.

And What About Hormones?

Check out this blog post, “Can Estrogen Be Protective In Women Against Coronavirus?


Anti-Virals and/or Other Nutrients & Botanicals for Fighting Viral Infections:

You can purchase every one of these from my dispensary HERE:


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Monolaurin Avail (by Designs for Health)
Reishi Mushroom (by Vital Nutrients)
Astragalus (in Viracid by OrthoMolecular)
Olive Leaf Extract (by Designs for Health)
Silvercillin (by Designs for Health)
Zinc (carnisine) (by Integrative Therapeutics)
Selenium (by Pure Encapsulations)
Vitamin C Buffered Powder (by Designs for Health)
Quercetin Ascorbate Powder (by Designs for Health)
Aged Garlic Extract Formula 103 Immune (by Wakunaga)
Black Cumin Seed (by Pure Encapsulations)
Theracurmin HP (by Integrative Therapeutics)
Berberine Synergy (by Designs for Health)
Oil of Oregano (by Designs for Health)
Olive oil (make sure you purchase unadulterated EVOO from a specialty store)
Probiotics (this is individualized; recommend have GI Map testing to individualize)
Prebiotics (needed for butyrate production by the gut)
N-acetyl cysteine (by Designs for Health)
Vitamin D Supreme (by Designs for Health)
Vitamin A (Vital Nutrients)
Multivitamin/Mineral: my favorite is: Metabolic Synergy (by Designs for Health)
Biomega-3 (by Biotics Research)
Tocotrienols (form of Vitamin E) (by Integrative Therapeutics)
Phosphatidyl Choline (by Body Bio)

BEWARE of Counterfeit Supplements

Recommendations for Children:
Over age 14: same dosing as adults
Age 10-13: 2/3 adult dose
Age 6-9: 1/2 adult dose
Age 2-5: 1/4 adult dose
Age <2 years: check with pediatrician

For a more personalized prescription for your needs, I highly recommend you schedule your functional medicine consultation with Dr. Cheryl. This will be one of the best investments you can ever make in yourself! Health is Wealth!

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