Gastrointestinal Stool Profile

It is not unusual for the gastrointestinal tract to become damaged and sick by daily exposure to toxins in our environment or food, or even by medications (including the overuse of antibiotics). Additionally, many autoimmune diseases are caused by viruses and pathogens in our gut that can be eliminated easily if you know about them. (All disease begins in the gut!)

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GET YOUR GUT IN GEAR:  Gastrointestinal Stool Profile

Did you know that the small intestine of your gastrointestinal tract is the size of a badminton course? Even though that is a lot of surface area for the absorption of nutrients, it is not unusual for it to become damaged and sick by daily exposure to toxins in our environment or food, or even by medications (including the overuse of antibiotics).

If this is the case, nutrients are poorly absorbed, inflammation and autoimmunity occurs and over time we get aches, pains, and illnesses that are felt in other parts of our body.  Most doctors never think to look for the root cause in the gut.  But I do!

Did you also know that your gut is your second brain?  Or is it your first brain?  Either way, assessment of our gut is hugely important in getting to the root cause(s) of health concerns. The gut is the gateway to health. It is home of 80% of our immune system, and also responsible for 95% of the production of our neurotransmitters (the substances responsible for keeping our mood stable and for the prevention of depression, anxiety, etc.). Learn more here about neurotransmitters.

Could the bacteria in your gut (or is it your brain), called the gut microbiome, be the cause of your diabetes and/or obesity or other health condition? When you come to see me, this is one of the first places I search for dysfunction, whether or not you have gut symptoms or not.



Potential Autoimmune Triggers (Viruses & Bacteria)

The gut is like a rainforest in that it is home to a vast and diverse range of living organisms that live in a delicate balance (our microbiome). Proper digestion and other functions are ensured by the trillions of microflora that work together for us. These microflora also produce for us the essential vitamins we need (e.g. B vitamins and vitamin K), that help protect our immune system. We can’t be healthy without a proper immune system. When the immune system goes awry, that’s when disease occurs, including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol. So, truly, you don’t need drugs to manage these disease states—you just need a proper functioning gut!

Imagine all the wasted trips to your healthcare providers office for prescription medications that are just band-aiding the problem. Do you want to forever be dependent on these drugs that are further depleting your nutrients and failing to get to the root cause, that is easily repairable? You don’t have a disease requiring drugs to control—you just need a more efficient microbiome. Our good bacteria perform so many important functions for us. They discourage bad bacteria from multiplying that leads to dysfunction and keep out things like yeast (Candida) from getting out of control.

This non-invasive stool test will provide clinical value managing gut health, as it will include analysis of digestion, absorption, bacterial balance, inflammation, yeast and parasites and more. Our expert analysis and treatment plan will get to the root cause of your issues, and help you prevent or eliminate the need for prescription medications.

Sample Report


A comprehensive micronutrient profile combined with a comprehensive gastrointestinal stool profile panel gives a more complete diagnostic picture.


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