Hi Cheryl,

I have been thinking about you lately.  I just need to reach out to say

that I’m so thankful for the care you gave me during my gestational diabetes.

My little 3lb, 11oz baby from last year just turned one and is still tiny (just now 16 lbs), but healthy as can be!  I’m doing what I can to prevent diabetes in my near future and just lost 60 lbs and am now ideal body weight for my height!

Thank you again for what you did to help little RaeLynne arrive safely.  She has added such joy to our lives.  You are phenomenal to work with and a very special caretaker!

Amanda McNeil, Training Manager


Dear Cheryl,

I am now down approximately 100 lbs from when you started me on the right road.  You saved my life.  You thought you were just working didn’t you!  I owe you such a debt of gratitude.  I’m working out regularly and doing such things as driving myself about.  My glucose level is dead nuts normal!  It’s like I don’t have diabetes.

Jim Sawyer
Double Oak, Texas

Dear Cheryl,

Thank you for opening my eyes to the risk I was facing.  My blood sugar has not been over 123 since Monday.  The pills are working perfect!  My wife has also started cooking out of her diabetes cookbook and we are looking forward to a healthy future thanks to you.

Keith Bynum

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I feel better than ever since starting the hormones. I am sleeping better, calmer and have more energy and no more anxiety. I feel like a new woman. I haven’t felt this way in 2 years. The improvement is like a miracle to me. The other doctors just don’t understand. ~DB~


The hormones are really helping. I am no longer snapping at everyone any more. I am sleeping better and the sauna is so relaxing. The weight is just coming off. ~DS~


Here’s a big hug. I couldn’t wait to see you again to tell you how great I feel. I am so sorry I waited two years to see you. I can kick myself. ~CS~


My ED (Erectile Dysfunction) has improved since beginning the GAINSWave treatments. I noticed improvement after the 3rd of 6 treatments. My SHIM score improved from 14 to 22. I am very pleased. ~MC~


Dr. Cheryl, I am starting to see signs of improvement, mostly the last 3 weeks. The GAINSWave treatments are helping a lot. ~PF~


My wife and I are definitely seeing improvement in my performance. I am glad to be doing the GAINSWave treatments. The SHIM score improved from 11 to 17 with the first 6 treatments so I am going to go ahead with another 6 treatments. ~JM~


………..As my wife and I began to research our options, we knew we didn’t want to just hear the diagnosis and the words “here take a few pills”. We knew there had to be a better and safer way. Cheryl Winter has been such a blessing to us and I believe God directed us to her website DiabetesSteps Rx which has a wealth of information in itself. We decided to go with the “Transformation Package” which included all the necessary tests, weekly counseling and guidance along the way. Honestly, this is one of the best decisions I have made for my health. In 4 months time, I exceeded my goals of lowering my blood sugar, losing weight and inches…….   ~JC~


I haven’t had a migraine in two weeks.  I am sleeping better and went back to work.  My family is singing your praises.  You are a Godsend.  I learned how to eat.  You saved my life.  ~LS~


Dr Cheryl Winter is a functional medicine Doctor here in Texas that started me on my path in reversing my Type II Diabetes two years ago! Connect with her if you are pre-diabetic, have diabetes or any other disease for that matter if you want to get to the root cause of and stop just treating the symptoms with pharma! ~JMS~


The last 4 days I’ve been feeling so good! Like amazing and I’m amazing myself. I’m floored!!! I can’t believe this!!!! I’m me again. I’m a mom again. I can stand the entire time during worship at church, etc. I can’t thank you enough. I would have never thought my implants were doing this. I’ve never heard of breast implant illness (bii) or all the women’s stories. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  ~PB~


I have come a long way since I have been under your care.  My numbers are so far down from where I started.  I feel that I have my nutritional understanding well under control…and somehow, you managed to get me on my treadmill.  AND…as a side note, I have registered for a 10K. ME??!!! YES!!..and to think where I was TWO YEARS AGO!!! I am certain, had it not been for you, I wouldn’t be doing this!  ~RG~


We are so grateful to GOD for finding you! To help Sean. For the 1st time, my sweet husbands legs look leaner and healthier, not bloated, same with arms and face! and his belly is slimming! I have not seen this since I met him 11 yrs ago! I am THRILLED. 🙂 I know….Long way to go! BUT glory to GOD, its a magnificent start! THANK YOU! 🙂   ~Michele McGlothlin~


Congrats on Nurse Practitioners Week.  You are great.  In my opinion better than any physician.  You care about your patients and you have certainly improved my unfortunate diabetes diseases. ~MS~


I am proud to tell people that I use you to keep me alive, and if it were not for you, I wouldn’t be here today.  Congrats on such fine work.  Keep it up and keep me alive!!!  I am sure that all of your patients feel the same way.  It’s so very hard to find good health care these days and I just wish more health care providers could be like you.  ~PM~

Hey, remember me?  Still fighting the good fight with diabetes.  As I promised you several years ago, I am still doing my walk, 5 days a week.  My A1c has fluctuated some but is now going the right direction.  I have lost nearly 40 pounds?  Really haven’t changed my eating that much but noticed I have been eating a little less as the weight loss encourages me. But what has really helped has been the addition of activity in the evening. And I CAN live this way!  I thought you’d be please to know you have influenced my life.  ~KS~


I really do feel a little better about using the insulin pump.  Your presentation was great and I got more out of it this time than I did the last class I took, or maybe you made what I heard before a little clearer.  I don’t feel so overwhelmed.  ~SS~


Thanks for the insulin pump training, it was really beneficial.  My blood sugars have been below 100, in the 80-90 range, I feel great.  It may take a couple of days to adapt, but I really like it.  Thanks for the website and book.  My wife also enjoyed the training.  Thanks again!  ~TD~


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