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"Weight loss is not about the calories-in and calories-out." That's right! Read this again, because it is so important that you get this!

"Weight loss is NOT about 'calories-in' and 'calories-out'." If it were, no one would be overweight! Look around....despite all the diets out there, all the weight loss products (and there are alot), all the diet books....we still have a major obesity epidemic in our country.


As you know, improving lifestyle and losing weight is not that simple, with conflicting and confusing advise about how to lose weight, coming from not just non-professionals, but also from professional healthcare providers. The truth is, there is not a plan and method for weight loss that works for everyone. The simple premise that if we just reduce our calories and increase our activity will solve the problem is WRONG or incomplete.


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Our approach to weight loss is different. We get to the ROOT CAUSE of the matter! Forget everything you "think" you know about food and nutrition.


Dr. Cheryl is proud to offer new technology in state-of-the-art nutritional and functional assessment that can uncover the root causes for unsuccessful weight management and the threats of disease.


Most diet programs and even physician-guided weight loss plans do NOT dig this deep to uncover the real cause.


With the appropriate diet, nutritional and functional assessment tests along, with the necessary potential need for personalized nutrient supplementation, you will have more success at preventing diabetes, diabetes complications, promoting weight loss, improving your mood and sleep hygiene, as well as preventing or reducing risks of many other chronic health conditions, including cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and more.


Without this in-depth personalized investigation and assessment, you are likely to continue going from one diet plan to the next, achieving only temporary, but not long-term success.


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You have heard the saying, “You are what you eat,” HOWEVER, that is not really true. Actually, we are what our body can digest, absorb, assimilate and POOP out. So, even if you are eating correctly:

  • Is your body really digesting and absorbing and assimilating the nutrients that are necessary for it to function
  • Do you have an efficient gastrointestinal system that encourages the production of good bacteria that assist with weight loss?
  • Do you have effective hormonal balance in your thyroid, adrenal and sex hormones?
  • Is your body able to effectively eliminate the enormous amount of toxins it is faced with everyday that could interfere with your ability to lose weight?


These are just a few of the issues that can prevent effective weight loss. We can answer all of these questions plus more, and truly end your weight struggles for good. Just ONE imbalance can upset the entire system and make it impossible to lose weight or maintain health.


The results from functional assessment testing, will allow you to get to the “root” cause, therefore allowing you to achieve true and long-term success.


Our “transformational” services will provide you the answers and the support you need to lose or manage your weight, and improve your diet, so that you can decrease or eliminate that risk of becoming the ONE in 2-3 diabetes statistic, and reduce or eliminate other health conditions.

And the best part is:


Okay....are you ready?

What are you waiting for?

You have nothing to lose....

...oh, wait, that's not right....

You have everything to lose: all the weight you choose to dispense of!


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