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When you look up health classes, you will likely get results that include exercise classes such as aerobics or pilates. But what if you’re looking for classes that teach you about nutrition or how to keep your body healthy? Our culture is used to jumping on fad diets that advertise how to lose 50 pounds overnight, or only focus on working out, when in reality, that is only part of the equation. At Vital Health Solutions in Conroe, Texas, our health classes teach you how your body functions so that you can nourish your body instead of depriving it to look the way that our culture says it’s supposed to look (without any consideration to your actual health). 


Below you will find a teaser of what you can learn at our member health classes in Conroe, Texas.


Our goal at Vital Health Solutions 

At Vital Health Solutions we are passionate about teaching you unconventional approaches that will make you feel good again – like a new you. 


Here’s our process: 


  1. Enroll in a free educational event
  2. Begin treatment and coaching to live a healthy lifestyle 
  3. Start enjoying the new, healthier you 


We go against traditional medicine’s approach of looking at a symptom of illness as the main concern – we treat the whole person by taking time to discuss your lifestyle choices, and any symptoms you’re experiencing, to determine the root cause of your symptoms. Our goal is to cure the root cause so that you don’t experience any more negative symptoms. Then you can move forward by maintaining your healthy lifestyle instead of retroactively fighting for your health. 


We believe that offering health classes to our Conroe, Texas members encourages a proactive approach to maintaining the healthy lifestyles that they’ve worked so hard to learn. Coaching you through your treatment will help you have lasting change in your life, since you’ll know why your body is reactivating negatively and what to do about it. 


If you’re ready to get healed naturally and feel younger, healthier, happier, and more alive, then keep reading to learn what type of information you’ll receive at our member health classes in Conroe, Texas.


Health classes in Conroe, Texas, that teach you about general wellness and why it matters

At Vital Health Solutions we know that when one part of the body isn’t functioning well, it affects other parts of the body. No body part works in isolation, so we want to encourage our community members to take the time to learn how their bodies work together so that they can better understand how to care for their body daily. 


Rhodes College discusses why wellness is important, stating, “Improving your physical health can also benefit your mental health and other life domains, and vice versa. It is important to be aware that wellness is an intentional, ongoing and holistic approach to making healthy choices.” We couldn’t agree more! When we say that we treat the “whole person,” we mean it, and that includes both your physical and mental well-being. 


Why is your gut so powerful? How can you detox your body in a healthy way? What does it mean to detox? 


These are questions that we help you answer in our health classes in Conroe, Texas, offered to all Vital Health Solutions members. We are dedicated to changing the outcome of our community’s health, and we want you to experience the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle. 


Learn why we focus on the root cause of illnesses instead of symptoms 

We’ve briefly discussed why you should care about general wellness and that our health classes in Conroe, Texas, will teach you more about how your whole body works together (including mentally and physically). Now let’s discuss why we focus on identifying the root cause of issues, rather than just analyzing the negative symptoms a patient is experiencing. 


At Vital Health Solutions we utilize the practices of functional medicine, understanding that when one part of the body isn’t functioning optimally, it will affect other parts of the body. So if our goal is to stop a negative symptom from occurring, and we use prescriptions to minimize the negative symptom, it might make you feel better in the short term, but we haven’t identified or cured the actual reason the negative symptom exists. 


One of the questions above was, “Why is your gut so powerful?” Our health classes offered in Conroe, Texas, (and virtually by request) provide much more detail on this topic, but the gist is that the gut can directly affect how your body operates because it aids the digestion of the food you eat, absorbs nutrients, and uses the fuel to maintain your body. If your gut isn’t doing one of those things correctly (or at all), then that can cause weakness or chronic tiredness. Instead of just treating muscle weakness by saying to eat more protein, we would address why you’re experiencing muscle weakness, and if the root cause is linked to poor gut health, then we would determine how to improve it. 


Sign up for Vital Health Solutions classes 

We’re doing medicine differently at Vital Health Solutions in Conroe, Texas. Our health classes are offered weekly and highlight a new topic from health experts around the world. We are committed to treating you holistically and providing you with opportunities to better your health one step at a time, including educating you about how your body works. 


Gone are the days of doctors forcing you into treatment that you aren’t comfortable with or that offer only temporary “healing.” We are here to offer you another option that will help you feel like a new, healthier you! 

Join other members today by signing up for a health class here, or learn more about becoming a member at Vital Health Solutions in Conroe, Texas here.