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Providing “VITAL Health Solutions”

We are so excited that you are here to learn about our functional medicine, functional nutrition and hormone balancing services. Dr. Cheryl takes an “integrative” approach to health care and  provides “Solutions for Reversing Illness Naturally.” By “integrating” both a functional and conventional approach, we are able to REVERSE many metabolic conditions (and their devastating consequences). Our approach is also instrumental in the prevention of chronic disease.

We  treat many chronic health conditions, including:



Celiac Disease


Skin Conditions






Spectrum Disorders/ADHD



Interstitial Cystitis


Cardiovascular Conditions

Autoimmune Conditions

& More

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We serve children, adolescents and adults. Other services we specialize in include specialized laboratory testingdiabetes reversalweight 

losshormone balancing, nutrigenomics and nutrition counseling.

We are not a primary care clinic or drop-in healthcare facility and do not treat urgent conditions, but many of these situations can be avoided with our interventions. We do not practice band-aid medicine, therefore, expect to spend no less than one hour with us at your initial visit so that we can fully understand your health concerns and struggles.

Since we do not practice band-aid medicine, insurance companies do not pay for all of our services. It’s not that we refuse to accept insurance, it’s that insurance companies refuse to accept us. Insurance companies restrict what we can do, so that limits your ability to truly

achieve health and wellness. But because we are working for you (not the insurance company), there are no restrictions in what can be achieved. You will actually get so much more for your time and money by working with Dr. Cheryl (an integrative practitioner), since our time is no longer wasted following insurance company rules and hiring additional support staff to file insurance claims.

When insurance pays for conventional services, one way or the other you really are the one that ends up paying for the services (or lack of). However, in our practice, you will actually receive services that far exceed those received through third-party reimbursement. BUT, the best part is, you can actually GET Healed Naturally and potentially avoid the repeated back and forth trips to conventional healthcare providers offices and avoid the overall rigors of being a number and repeat customer in this very sick conventional healthcare system.

However, saying all that, if you do have health insurance, you may be able to get reimbursed when you submit our superbill. That’s right! The cost of our services is cheaper than what meets the eye, so don’t let the cost stop you!



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