Six Benefits of an Infrared Sauna in Houston

Woman enjoying an infrared sauna.

Six Benefits of an Infrared Sauna in Houston

Summer is one of the best times to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. We have the sun to thank for nearly every aspect of our existence. The sun provides warmth, affects our atmosphere, and powers the plants we grow for food.


The sun’s rays are packed with benefits. The sun’s far-infrared (FIR) energy spectrum is a natural sunlight frequency that improves our health in many ways. Exposure to FIR rays improves our immunity, circulation, natural detoxification, joint pain, cholesterol levels, and metabolism. 


However, it’s impossible to be exposed to these natural rays without also being exposed to the harmful radiation from the sun. However, an infrared sauna provides all the benefits of sunlight without aging your skin or putting you at risk for skin cancer. Here are six benefits of an infrared sauna in Houston. 


What is an Infrared Sauna?

An infrared sauna replicates the beneficial energy and heat from the sun with zero radiation or heat exhaustion. The rays are deeply absorbed by the skin and muscles, unlike a traditional sauna that heats the outer skin. 


Due to the extreme heat, saunas are often hard to breathe in and may make someone feel claustrophobic. In an infrared sauna, you can expect to breathe easily. No harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are generated by an infrared sauna, and the radiant heat lasts longer than in a traditional sauna. 


Benefit 1: Circulation & Cardiovascular Health

Raised body temperature triggers sweat glands and activates hormesis. When the body enters hormesis, our immune systems and cardiovascular system are strengthened. The muscles and joints experience increased healing, and the body burns off any unwanted cells.


High blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol are common health conditions in the United States, and improved blood flow and a strong cardiovascular system may reduce the risks of developing these diseases. 


With an infrared sauna, you can experience circulation and cardio benefits without having to move a muscle. 


Benefit 2: Weight Loss

Want to burn off some energy without lifting a finger? An infrared sauna increases metabolic rate, heart rate, and blood flow much like exercise. 30-45 minutes in an infrared sauna burns around 600 calories, and a 25-minute session is equivalent to stationary biking for 25 minutes or walking for three miles. 


A Binghamton University professor conducted a study on the effects of an infrared sauna on body temperature and body fat. They found an overall decrease in body fat percentages among various participants. Read more about how Boston infrared sauna improves weight loss.


As you sweat and burn fat, the body excretes toxins and heavy metals. The body normally stores these toxins in fat cells to keep them from entering the body, and when these toxins are released, it becomes easier to lose belly fat. 


Infrared sauna therapy isn’t a replacement for exercise, but it’s a relaxing way to improve your cardiovascular health and burn energy. 


Benefit 3: Detoxification

Sweat is the body’s most direct way to flush out toxins from your body. Other forms of natural detoxification involve the liver, pancreas, and intestinal organs. The most poisonous toxins are directly excreted through your pores instead of being passed through your entire body. 


Most of us are exposed to toxins daily, from the air we breathe to the shampoo we wash with. The body either attempts to flush out toxins or stores them as fat to prevent them from blocking cellular energy and blood flow. 


Heat from an infrared sauna causes blood to circulate away from the organs and to the outer parts of the body, drawing toxins away from your vital organs and releasing them through sweat. 


Benefit 4: Immunity & Cancer Defense

When you get sick, you may develop a fever. The body raises its core temperature to eliminate diseases and viruses and stop them from spreading further. A fever also rouses our immune system, much like a general rallying troops for battle.


In a similar way, heat from an infrared sauna activates the immune system. A specific gene called FOXO3 promotes red blood cell production and activates other genes that protect against cancer and clean the body. When you enter a Houston infrared sauna, these immune cells are activated, strengthened, and put to work protecting the body.


Benefit 5: Inflammation

Functional medicine doctors place a huge emphasis on inflammation, as it contributes to many health problems and diseases. For example, Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition associated with inflammation. 


Studies show a correlation between infrared sauna therapy and the reduction of pain, swelling, and inflammation among patients with fibromyalgia. Similar research links sauna treatment to reduced muscle spasms and joint stiffness among rheumatoid arthritis patients and ankylosing spondylitis patients. Click here to read more research about infrared sauna therapy and inflammation. 


With benefits for inflammation, detoxification, weight loss, and circulation, functional medicine doctors have a better time helping their patients rid their bodies of illness and disease and maintain a healthy, thriving lifestyle. 


Benefit 6: Mental Health

In addition to all the physical benefits of infrared therapy, bathing in a sauna improves your mental health. The warm, calming environment relaxes your muscles and causes your body to release positive endorphins, peptides that the body uses to make you feel happy and at peace. 


Research found that sauna therapy acts as an antidepressant and even lowers the chances of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia.


Mental health plays a huge role in your overall health, and infrared sauna therapy benefits your body from the inside out.


Treat Yourself to Infrared Sauna in Houston

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