Antibiotics Are the Enemy! Is Your Immune Status Ready?

Did you know that antibiotic use may increase the risk of diabetes by 53% and may also be a cause of obesity?

We actually now have scientific studies that show causality, not just an association. This is ground-breaking stuff!

Antibiotic use, through the years, can destroy our very delicate gut microbiome (the genetic material of gut bacteria). These are the little guys who are really running the show and responsible for keeping us healthy OR leading to a decline in our health.

Just ONE round of an antibiotic will take an ENTIRE YEAR for the gut microbiome to rebound to its previous more healthy state (that is assuming lifestyle and diet has not worsened & there have been no other insults).

You need to really know how to nourish and take care of your gut microbiome and it starts with a nourishing diet and lifestyle. But sometimes, that is not enough if the gut is already damaged from years of abuse and poor diet and lifestyle….than you may need an overhaul. Do you need to “GET Your Gut in Gear?

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Now, to avoid the use of antibiotics, you must really work on improving your immune status so that you don’t succumb to minor germs that can lead to the common cold, or worse yet, being unable to fight off those cancer cells that we are constantly fighting everyday.  It’s best to use antibiotics very sparingly, and save them for life or death situations, and this is possible with a strong immune system that fights off common and not-so-common enemies.

How is your immune system doing? I will show you how mine is doing (see the diagram below). After having a micronutrient profile test and discovering that my immune status was not up to par (borderline deficient), I have been diligently working to improve it over the past two years.

On the left is how I measured in October 2014 (borderline deficient) and on the right is how I am doing today (September 2016) (in the normal range). Now, I feel much better that I am in a better place to fight off the common cold or worse yet, CANCER. Ideally, I would like to see it even higher, but that day will come!

If you want to know how your immune system is working to fight for you, I strongly encourage that you also be tested.

Everyone thinks they are eating well…..heck, I thought I was until I first had the micronutrient profile test done.

But it’s not just about how well we are eating….it’s about how much our body is absorbing and metabolizing. And guess what? This is determined by the health of our gut microbiome!

You owe it to yourself and your family to:


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Always Looking After You!