14 Natural Ways to Improve your Insulin Sensitivity in Conroe, TX


Insulin-producing cells found in the pancreas take part in insulin secretion to the blood which goes on to control blood glucose levels in the bloodstream. Insulin injections regulate blood sugar contributing to blood sugar management and an increase in insulin sensitivity. Insulin resistance is one of the major causes of chronic diseases today and its prevention is a way of having a healthy and long life. An Insulin dose that is too high reduces blood sugar levels causing hypoglycemia. An insulin dose that is too low increases one’s blood sugar levels but might not be able to bring your blood sugar to the right levels causing hyperglycemia which is prolonged high blood sugar levels. You can improve insulin resistance with simple natural lifestyle measures according to Dr. Cheryl Winter Vital Health Solutions.

What is Insulin sensitivity?

Insulin sensitivity is a condition where relevant cells cannot respond well to secreted insulin and therefore cannot take the insulin to the needed region in the body. Your pancreas produces insulin to clear sugar from your blood when you have low insulin sensitivity. This is a condition that could expose you to disease. Increasing insulin sensitivity can help reduce insulin resistance and the risk of contracting chronic infections including heart diseases and diabetes.

What is Insulin resistance?

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when the pancreas secretes the required amount of insulin but the organs cannot utilize it, such metabolism is regarded as insulin resistance. You are considered insulin resistant where your cell stops responding to insulin. Apart from regulating blood sugar levels, Insulin also controls the amount of fat and protein in the bloodstream.

What is the normal range of blood sugar?

Blood sugar, or postprandial blood glucose, is the main sugar found in your blood which comes from the foods you eat and is the main source of energy to the body. Blood sugar levels that are less than 140mg/dl are normal. Reading more than 200mg/dl after two hours indicates diabetes while a reading between 140 and 199mg/dl indicates prediabetes.

14 natural ways to improve your insulin sensitivity

There are several natural ways to tackle insulin sensitivity. Here is what you need to know about better health and insulin resistance in Conroe, TX today:

· Cut down on carb and fat metabolism

High carb diets tend to facilitate the rise in insulin levels as the pancreas is forced to produce an extra amount of insulin to balance the level of glucose in the bloodstream. Although carb intake makes up over 50% of the regular food cooked and sold in public, many foods can suffice for carbs even though it is almost impossible to cut off carb intake and couple it with other noncarb foods.

·   Avoid fructose sugar and excessive carbs in Conroe TX

The type of sugar to reduce here is processed sugar included in high fructose corn syrup, soda, carbonated drinks, candy, and pastries; they are generally sourced from fructose sugar and are not viable over the long term.

According to a recently conducted survey, consistent intake of foods with high content of processed sugar is a risk factor which impacts the insulin-producing level of the pancreas and can cause digestive and kidney diseases. This type of sugar is also regarded as one of the causative factors of insulin resistance and sensitivity in diabetic and non-diabetic people. In place of them consume natural sugars whose whole source are from plants.

· Get more sleep and reduce the level of stress

Getting a complete 8-hour sleep can decimate your insulin sensitivity because the body is more relaxed and less pressured, so the production of insulin by the pancreas becomes easier. Night reduced insulin sensitivity leads to high-stress hormones. Increased insulin sensitivity activates a fight mechanism in the body which then forces it to produce stress hormones like glucagon that compete with insulin production. Aside from triggering increased insulin sensitivity, stress, in general, is terrible and can cause potential damage to the body. Ensure you engage in rest and practice relaxation activities regularly to aid the pancreas in producing insulin.

· Consider taking dietary supplements

Omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium, resveratrol and chromium aid the production of insulin and reduce resistance and sensitivity. Magnesium supplements contain magnesium which is a mineral that works with insulin receptors to store blood sugar. Low blood magnesium is linked to insulin resistance. Although they are found in some foods and fruits we take, their concertation is not strong enough to help the pancreas and the foods must be taken consistently before it creates a significant help. Thankfully, medicine has created the exact nutrients and turned them into supplements with high concentrations to give the pancreas a boost.

In addition, they are affordable and only require consistent usage for the metabolism to use them.

·   Regular fruit intake

Fruits are the go-to foods for any ailment as they contain hundreds of nutrients and are also tasty. For example, grapes contain resveratrol and apples contain vitamin c; other fruits contain various nutrients vital to the body. Incorporate foods into your daily diet as they supply nutrients, fill the tummy and cleanse the body.

·   Consuming apple cider vinegar (ACV)

Vinegar has been proven to help improve insulin sensitivity by 30%. It was shown that one in ten individuals’ metabolism showed a reduction of the blood glucose concentration and insulin levels when vinegar was ingested after a starchy meal. Although it has not been recommended widely, this type of vinegar is one of the natural ways people use it to deal with the concentration of sugar in the body. To use this, ensure you take only a small quantity of ACV after a starchy meal; do not drink ACV regularly to avoid medical complications.

· Cut out trans-fat from your diet

Trans fats are unsaturated fat created through hydrogenation reaction; it is produced when liquid vegetable oil undergoes some chemical processes. High trans fat intake is linked to hundreds of diseases, with heart diseases and liver insulin resistance taking the forefront. Cut off meals like fast-food burgers that contain a high amount of trans fat and replace them with home-cooked meals, air-fried meat, and any other meals devoid of fat.

·  Invest in herbs and spices

Ginger, cloves, turmeric, and fenugreek are herbs and spices that should be included in your cooking. They are known for their anti-bacterial properties and contain rare beneficial nutrients that can benefit the body in more ways than one to improve insulin secretion. The active component called curcumin found in turmeric increases the antioxidant capacity of the body and also lowers your risk of heart diseases.

·    Conduct effective physical activity for better health care

Keeping your body fit by doing exercises will help in losing weight and shedding excess weight. Doing exercises increases insulin sensitivity.

·  Ingest a bit of cinnamon

Cinnamon increases insulin sensitivity by transporting glucose into cells and can even mimic insulin to increase sugar uptake into the bloodstream.

·  Drinking green tea can increase insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar

This is due to the powerful antioxidants epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that green tea contains which many studies have found to increase sensitivity. The analysis made on green tea has shown it increases insulin sensitivity.

·   Ingesting more soluble dietary fiber into your diet

Soluble fiber lowers cholesterol and reduces appetite and high soluble intake increases insulin sensitivity

·  Loose a few pounds

Losing weight around the abdomen area improves insulin sensitivity. Exercise is one of the fastest ways to reverse insulin sensitivity.

·   Minimize the ingestion of added sugar which are found in processed foods high in fructose

High intakes of fructose are linked to a higher risk of insulin resistance.

Does vinegar increase insulin sensitivity?

Acetic acid is the main ingredient produced from fermenting the sugar from apples and is responsible for its health benefits. It can kill harmful bacteria or prevent them from multiplying. Apple cider vinegar helps lower blood sugar response after meals and shows great promise in improving insulin sensitivity. Vinegar can help lose weight as it makes you feel full helping eat fewer calories.

Which magnesium is best for insulin resistance?

There are different types of magnesium supplements having different absorption rates. Those that have a better absorption rate include magnesium aspartate, citrate, lactate, and chloride when compared to magnesium oxide and sulfate. The best type of magnesium for glucose control has not been determined with certainty yet and if you have a deficiency talk to your health consultant for the right supplements to use.

Can insulin sensitivity be restored?

Insulin sensitivity can be restored effectively and fastest by having an exercise schedule that reduces excess weight lowering the risk of heart diseases.

Although there is no cure for diabetes and any other medical insulin-related issues, there are some natural ways to aid the insulin production in the body. Summarily avoid foods and drinks that can spike up the glucose level in the body and engage in activities that will boost production.

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