Thank you for your interest in discussing your health with me.

Before scheduling a free consultation, I encourage you to fully explore the information provided on this site, in particular the pages linked below. These pages answer most questions my practice receives from prospective clients. Functional medicine differs from conventional medicine in many respects. It is therefore important to understand the unique goals and methods behind my approach to care.

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If you still have questions, I am delighted to speak with you during a FREE 15-minute virtual consultation. There is no risk or obligation, but due to a limited number of slots available, please only schedule if you have real interest in a Functional Medicine approach (truly, the only way to get well once and for all).

I do not discuss lab results, specific diets or provide supplement recommendations on this call, however, I can help you get registered for FREE access to my virtual dispensary, where you can receive a 10% discount NOW on pharmaceutical-grade supplements, that may be instrumental in your healing. An even greater discount is provided with many of our services. Go HERE to see why purchasing supplements online any place else is risky

During the first 5 minutes of our call, we will go over your #1 health challenge. I will spend the next 5 minutes discussing my approach to resolving your health challenge. The last five minutes we will discuss how we can work together and answer any questions you have.

Here’s the link to schedule your appointment: