The Foundation to Health Begins In Your Cells

Our Health Depends on the Health of Our Cells

As you know, your home’s foundation is crucial to the health of your home. A  house foundation takes the loads of the roof, walls and flooring and transfers them to the soil for proper support. A lot goes into assuring a healthy home foundation, including load bearing and proper construction design, but additionally, a good home builder wants to insure that your foundation is built to avoid mold growth and other toxicities that can eventually invade the upper levels of your home.

In assuring YOUR body’s healthy foundation, it is necessary to assure proper cell function. When your cells are healthy and functioning optimally, you can reduce and even eliminate disease. Otherwise, dysfunctional cells result in diabetes, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, gastritis, bowel disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and more. These diseases can manifest very subtly with symptoms such as weight gain or fatigue, or they can manifest more quickly with symptoms like tumors or infections.

Within every one of our cells, every single second of every day, biochemical reactions are occurring. Our cells are making enzymes, proteins, neurotransmitters and hormones, and in order to make these compounds, our cells require micronutrients. Without the micronutrients, these compounds cannot be made, and the cells can no longer function. Consequently, the metabolic processes needed to sustain life are compromised.

The consequent cumulative effects of cell dysfunction results in:


The consequent cumulative effects of optimal cell function results in:


Sadly, as I wrote in my #1 Bestselling Book, “Prescription Detox: How Our Allegiance To Big Pharma Makes Us Sicker and How You Can Heal Without Meds,” today our soils are so depleted and our crops are being sprayed with detrimental pesticides that are destroying our foundation (hence: our cell function), that it would be a miracle for us to be consuming all the micronutrients that our body needs for proper cell functioning, no matter how good of a diet we think we are eating.

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How Micronutrients Affect Cell Function?

Cellular fuction and energy production

In order for our cells to do the biochemical work required for us to survive, the proper tools (micronutrients) must be available. Biochemical reactions require coenzymes, and it is vitamins that act as these coenzymes. A cell will be unable to do its job if there is not enough of a specific vitamin in the cell present. This is also true for fatty acids, minerals, amino acids, and certain metabolites. Additionally, as a result of metabolism, all cells make necessary byproducts of cellular respiration that can damage the cell if not properly eliminated. To assure that these byproducts are eliminated, we must assure that there are adequate antioxidants present, which are the tools the cells use to repair themselves.

A Micronutrient Deficiency       EQUALS       Cellular Dysfunction

But, even if there is a low amount of a certain micronutrient, but the cell still function optimally, then the cell is not functionally deficient in that nutrient. Conversely, if there is “ample” amount of the nutrient in the cell, but the cell still doesn’t function as well as if it had more of that specific nutrient, then a functional deficiency of that particular nutrient exists–no matter how much is in the cell.

When measured in isolation, micronutrient levels are irrelevant, which is why conventional lab testing for certain micronutrients is really not complete and totally accurate. What matters is how micronutrients affect cell function, and conventional lab testing can not measure this.

How Can We Measure Cell Function To Assure We Have A Strong Foundation?


A direct indicator of how well our cells are functioning, or in other words, how well our cells adapt, grow and metabolize, can be determined by subjecting them to a stressor (in other words, altering the cells environment), and then measuring its metabolic response. SpectraCell® Laboratory does this through its Micronutrient Test that uses t-lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell). T-lymphocytes are a nucleated cell that are closely tied to immune function and their proliferation is an accurate marker of cell function.


If you want to assure a strong health and wellness foundation, the Micronutrient Test is crucial. You would never consider skimping on your home’s foundation, so why would you even think of skimping on your very own body’s foundation—-truly, the only place you will ever live—there’s no option of moving!

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