The 5 Most Commonly Ordered Functional Medicine Lab Tests in Conroe, TX

When planning an appropriate treatment plan, it is imperative to get comprehensive testing. Functional medicine lab testing seeks to uncover the root cause of the disease or symptoms. This gives our patients with knowledge and information about their body function that a conventional doctor does not give



Not only do we do the testing to resolve health issues but also optimize your health. The fact that you are feeling good does not mean that you cannot function and feel even better. Some of our functional medicine testings evaluate the aging factors so that we can modify them. The main aim of functional medicine is to thrive and function at an optimal level, not merely avoid sicknesses.

Here are the five most commonly ordered integrative medicine lab tests that your functional medicine doctor should order for you to achieve optimal overall health.

1. Micronutrient Testing

This test aims to determine if deficiencies in minerals, vitamins, fats, or antioxidants are underlying your health issues. In this test, we also seek to know if the vitamins or supplements you use are effective and determine if you even need them at all.

This test analyzes the functional levels of antioxidants, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and vitamins in your body. We evaluate how much of these micronutrients you require and how much is absorbed into your cells. This helps us to uncover deficiencies or excess supplements in certain areas of your body.

Health problems have no one-size-fits-all solutions. Dr. Cheryl Winter performs comprehensive blood panels to unearth any underlying causes of your health issues that might otherwise have been overlooked using traditional testing methods. Ultimately, a micronutrient test gives us an insight into your body’s metabolism and chemical stability.

2. Comprehensive Functional Blood Testing

A comprehensive functional blood test analyzes your blood sugar imbalances, kidneys, liver, thyroid health, electrolyte balance, and many more aspects. This test gives us vital information about type 2 diabetes, thyroid, kidney, liver function, and metabolic disorders.

Others include your neuropathy, inflammation, and mineral and vitamin levels. The test can also be personalized to include other markers that are particular to your health condition.

3. Adrenal Gland and Advanced Hormone Functional Medicine Test

When adrenal fatigue occurs or you feel like your hormones are acting up, yet, your blood tests keep saying you are normal, you should get this test to determine the root cause. You can also be dragging throughout the day and keep having sleepless nights.

If you are undergoing one or some of the experiences above, you need to get a functional medicine lab test. Saliva testing is an exact, convenient, and risk-free functional medicine approach for determining your stress levels (adrenal glands) and other hormonal issues. These tests have an accuracy level of up to 96 percent.

Saliva testing analyzes free or unbound hormone levels, unlike blood tests that only examine hormone levels in your tissues. These free hormone levels are those that are available for use by your body tissue. They are active and ready to jump into action.

This helps experts such as Dr. Cheryl have a better idea of the hormone levels that influence your tissues rather than just the hormone levels. The main reason for taking an adrenal stress index test is to determine your stress levels or adrenal dysfunction. Some of the symptoms of this condition include:

• Fatigue

• Insomnia

• Weight gain

• Low blood pressure

• Low blood sugar

• Inability to lose weight even if you go on a diet

• Depression and anxiety

Besides stressing the brain and adrenal glands, unaddressed stress can lead to deficiencies of other essential hormones like testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone.

4. Food Sensitivity Testing

A food and chemical sensitivity test is a functional medicine lab test that aims to your cellular immune reactions to chemicals and foods, among other substances. Many different labs perform this test using different methods but, the aim is the same. Dr. Cheryl Winter can perform the food sensitivity test by evaluating the IgA and IgG immune responses.

The main function of your immune system is to protect your body from foreign invasions. However, your immune system can lose tolerance due to many reasons, such as stress, medications, and environmental toxins, to name just a few. This can make your immune system react uncharacteristically. This can either be mild or severe.

For instance, if your immune system reacts to food proteins or food in your gut, it is a common yet unusual reaction. Such a reaction can result in a variety of conditions and symptoms. Such chemical and food triggers are closely associated with health conditions like neuropathy, eczema, joint pain, migraines, hyperactivity (ADD), gastrointestinal issues, lethargy, depression, possible autoimmune thyroid problems, and type 1 and 2 diabetes.

We also perform gluten sensitivity and cross-reactivity testing to evaluate how your immune system reacts to gluten-free foods as though they contain gluten. Dr. Cheryl does other food tests to assess the hyper-immune reactions to hundreds of common foods.

5. The Organic Acids Test (OAT)

This is a functional test of your urine to get better insights into your overall metabolic health. A functional medicine practitioner can tell you there are over 70 markers that reveal your neurotransmitter levels, signs of oxidative stress, as well as intestinal yeast and bacterial infections.

It also shows if you have any mineral and vitamin deficiencies or nutrient imbalances. If you have unusually high bacteria and intestinal yeast, you may experience mood disorders and worsen your behavior.

The main cause of high bacteria and yeast levels is usually high sugar diets, oral antibiotic intake, contaminated foods, genetics, and immune deficiencies. If an organic acids test shows some abnormalities, Dr. Cheryl will administer treatments, including dietary adjustments or supplements. After successful treatment, you will experience reduced irritable bowel syndrome, decreased abdominal pain, decreased hyperactivity, as well as increased energy and alertness.

Getting Professional Functional Medicine Lab Tests in Conroe, TX

Getting a proper diagnosis is paramount to putting together the right treatment plan for you. So, choosing the right lab with the best laboratory testing and qualified functional medicine practitioners is essential. Is your Conroe, TX laboratory performing these important functional medicine tests?

For more information about important functional medicine lab tests, visit Dr. Cheryl Winter at her office at 303 Longmire Rd., Suite #1001, Conroe, TX 77304. You can also call her at 832-327-9332 to book an appointment or for a 15-minute free consultation.