BEWARE: Counterfeit Supplements, Over-the-Counter AND Online: 7 Reasons Why Using Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements Are Better

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An investigation by the New York attorney general’s office uncovered a massive herbal-supplement scam. As part their investigation, 78 bottles of the leading brands of herbal supplements from a dozen Walmart, Target, Walgreens and GNC locations across New York State were analyzed using DNA bar coding, a type of genetic fingerprinting that the agency has…

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Traveling with Diabetes

traveling with diabetes checklist

If you are taking any type of diabetes medications, especially medications, such as insulin or sulfonylureas, are you letting your diabetes get in the way of you traveling more and seeing the world? I hope not. There is no need to let diabetes hinder your travel plans or have your travel plans be hindered by…

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Why Eat Organic?

Are you trying to decide if eating organic is really worth the extra expense? The truth is, not eating organic can actually be a whole lot more expensive when you consider the long-term and wide-range health care costs. Adopting an organic lifestyle helps to enhance the health of ecosystems and organisms. Growing foods organically excludes,…

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Parenting Meal-time Tips for Preventing Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity has become a national healthcare crisis in recent years. Children who are obese as preschoolers are at increased risk for adolescent and adult obesity, as well as an increased risk of developing many chronic diseases, including diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol), asthma, and sleep apnea, as well as emotional problems such as low…

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Do You Know What Your Number Is?

Before you consider beginning yet another “diet,” you might first consider learning what your “number” is. You are a very unique individual. In addition to having your own social security number, your own PIN numbers, your own phone numbers, there is yet another number that is unique to you. That number is your METABOLIC RATE,…

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Pumping Iron to Improve Your Diabetes Control

To maintain a healthy body and to promote good diabetes control, your body needs iron!  You may remember from your high school chemistry that iron is a strong, hard, magnetic, silver-gray metal that is atomic number 26 in the chemical element list.  Iron is found naturally in the foods we eat, and iron is a…

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