Nutrition to Fight Cancer

Why Include Nutrition as a Component in Fighting Cancer?

Without emphasis on your diet before, during and after treatment for cancer, you are fighting a losing battle.  If your oncologist has not advised you to consult with a nutrition specialist BEFORE receiving cancer treatment AND has not reviewed with you the 5 reasons below for “upping your nutrition game” I would suggest you find a new oncologist.  Here are 5 reasons why “nutrition” MUST be emphasized as a major component in fighting cancer:

1) To prevent malnutrition: 40% of people with cancer die of malnutrition, not cancer. Cancer is a wasting disease where appetite is effected. Chemotherapy and radiation (XRT) can lead to cachexia (lean tissue loss). Treatment: a superb nutrition plan.

2) To make chemotherapy, XRT and surgery more of a selective therapy: Chemotherapy and XRT are non-selective toxins, which means they kill everything in their path and therefore collateral damage occurs. Nutrition can make the chemotherapy/XRT more selective to the tumor and less toxic to the patient.

3) To upregulate the immune system: Cancer is a disease of the immune system. The immune system is suppose to recognize and destroy cancer cells. In a cancer patient, the immune system has failed its duty. If you have an intact immune system, you can’t have cancer. By definition, if you have cancer you have a compromised immune system. The immune system has missed the cancer, therefore, you have to unimpede the immune system, and then stimulate it back into action. The only cure to cancer is curing the immune system and you need good nutrition to do this, or otherwise you are fighting without weapons.

4) To deprive cancer of its fuel source: Cancer is a sugar-feeder. Cancer is an obligate glucose metabolizer, which means it has an obligation to consume sugar (it can’t survive otherwise). If you can lower gut and blood glucose, you can slow down cancer. Sugar weakens our innate immune system. When you remove the sugar, you remove the cancer cells source of survival.

5) To create biological response modifiers: Nutrition changes the way the body works. A healthy human body is self-regulating and self-preparing. A cancer patient has lost this ability. It is necessary to restore the body to be self-regulating and self-preparing, which is what nutrition does.

If you have been diagnosed with ANY form of cancer, if you are undergoing ANY treatment for cancer, PLEASE include our services in your plan.  It can make the difference between life or death and/or comfort or pain.

The risk of cancer can be lowered by 90% with a healthy lifestyle, and if you get cancer, you can use nutrition as part of a comprehensive program to dramatically improve your quantity and quality of life while going through cancer treatment, and improve chances of a complete remission.

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