Let Me Take You To Your Healthy Place

I started my career in healthcare over 35 years ago. After a 7 year career as a hospital registered dietitian I said, enough is enough. Although, I passionately believed in the power of nutrition and helping people improve their disease state with food, it became obvious that doctors didn’t see me as I did—as an important member of the healthcare team. To them, I was on par with the lady in the hospital cafeteria.

Most doctors were not ordering my services to help them improve their patients’ health outcomes, but instead they called on me only to attend to their patients’ hospital food complaints and poor meal service. And the patients didn’t want to see a dietitian or be victims of what they considered dietary deprivation because we were now in the era of BIG Pharma, where patients just wanted to take a pill for every ill.

I couldn’t change the system, so the system changed me, and I started a new career path that led me to become (shh) a legalized drug dealer. At the time, I couldn’t beat them, so I joined them.

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But it didn’t take long for me to see that my drugs were actually making people sicker, and so I eventually tore up my prescription pad, and became a REAL doctor—you know—the alternative health doctor. If we are being politically correct, it is our conventional healthcare system that should be labeled “alternative.” REAL healthcare includes REAL natural ingredients that God gave us, not the chemicals that BIG Pharma produces. Our bodies do NOT have deficiencies of Metformin, Lipitor, Prozac, or “fill-in-the-blank” drug. But our bodies do have deficiencies of vitamins, nutrients, hormones and antioxidants.

Our bodies also have an overabundance of stress and inflammation that prescription drugs are actually making worse and contributing to these deficiencies.

I can help you correct all of these deficiencies that are contributing to your current state of health, and help you live the life you were born to live. With the use of bioidentical hormones, anti-aging foods, nutritional supplements, and stress-relieving modalities, that are specifically developed for only your unique body, we can prevent the illnesses of aging and create long-term health and wellness. Your conventional healthcare doctor and your insurance company don’t want you to know about “my kind of doctoring,” because then you wouldn’t need them any more.

If you are using the current conventional healthcare system as your ONLY form of healthcare, you are not healthy. You can’t be. It’s not possible, so stop fooling yourself. Look around at all the illness we have here. If what the system has been doing all of these years was working, why is everyone still sick? Why are we still “managing” diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cancer, autoimmune disease, etc., instead of eliminating them?

Isn’t it time you invest in yourself beyond what your insurance company will pay for? After all, you only have one body and it’s the only place you will ever live. I can help make that place beautiful and full of energy and life. You would not believe the places you will go and how far this new and healthy body can take you. It would be an honor to help take you there.

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