How Long Does It Take the Body to Reverse Insulin Resistance?

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How Long Does It Take the Body to Reverse Insulin Resistance?

Approximately 38 million Americans are affected by diabetes, and 90% of those with diabetes have type 2 diabetes, often caused by insulin resistance in the body.

Clearly, we have a major epidemic on our hands, one that current conventional care isn’t solving.

Conventional treatments may have their role in battling diabetes, but they are useless if they do not also address the root cause. At Vital Health Solutions, we work to optimize your body’s intake and breakdown of insulin so you can start reversing your diabetes before it’s too late. But how long does it take to reverse insulin resistance? Find out below.


The Root of Diabetes

Diabetes is an extremely common disease that negatively affects how your body processes sugar. 

As the disease progresses, your body loses sensitivity to insulin, the hormone that controls the blood sugar levels in your body. At first, the pancreas produces more insulin to normalize the reduced insulin sensitivity. However, the pancreas becomes unable to produce insulin to regulate your blood sugar levels in the long run. This results in hyperglycemia or high blood pressure.

Diabetes can be caused by a variety of factors, such as weight gain, diet, and resistance to insulin. Whatever the cause, it’s crucial to know how to reverse insulin resistance, however long it takes.


Our Functional Approach to Reversing Insulin Resistance

Dr. Cheryl Winters, registered dietitian and certified diabetes instructor, does not employ the traditional “wait and see” approach to treating diabetes. Waiting for diabetes to develop before starting treatment wastes precious opportunities to promote a healthy life. We need to know how long it takes to reverse insulin resistance today.

So instead, Dr. Cheryl uses functional medicine to address the root cause of diabetes rather than treating the symptoms. This approach is fundamentally based on preventing and treating diabetes through lifestyle and diet alterations.


Reverse Insulin Resistance through Lifestyle Changes

At our facility in Boerne, TX, we know how long it takes to reverse insulin resistance, and we do it through professional nutritional counseling from Dr. Cheryl. 

Carb quantity and quality have to be adjusted if you want to prevent or reverse diabetes. Low-fiber and high-starch levels are known to put you at a higher risk of diabetes.

Most qualified nutritionists recommend steering away from refined carbs such as bread and pasta. Instead, consume moderate quantities of plantains and starchy tubers (cassava, rutabaga, beets, and sweet potatoes). 

Additionally, try a gluten-free or ketogenic diet, or increase your protein intake to improve satiety and blood sugar levels. Moderate quantities of full-fat dairy have been found to be beneficial. And foods such as dark chocolate and blueberries have been found to reduce blood sugar levels and improve the body’s utilization of glucose.

Finally, coffee and green tea are rich in antioxidants that help treat or reverse diabetes.


Reverse Insulin Resistance through BHRT

In addition to lifestyle changes, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) can improve your body’s response to insulin. For example, take testosterone. This hormone reduces your body’s resistance to insulin in both men and women. With increased testosterone, your cells become much more sensitive to the effects of insulin, improving how long it takes to reverse insulin resistance.

To reverse diabetes, Dr. Cheryl helps balance the hormones in your endocrine system. This aims to help your adrenal and pituitary glands produce corticosterone, which is responsible for regulating your energy, food consumption, and response to stress.


How Long Does Insulin Resistance Reversal Take?

As with any other form of body imbalance, Dr. Cheryl will start treatment by testing your hormone and nutrient levels. This helps her determine and target the root cause of your diabetes and figure out how to best reverse insulin resistance, however long it takes.

Once she has the results of these tests, she’ll be able to prescribe a personalized diet and exercise plan toward reversing diabetes. Once you start making these lifestyle changes, you can begin seeing improvements in your symptoms in as little as one to eight weeks.

But you’ll need to consistently continue these lifestyle changes to keep seeing improvement in your symptoms.


Start Reversing Your Diabetes Today

Do you want to avoid becoming another one of the 38 million diabetics in America? Are you tired of following conventional diabetes advice, only to get no lasting results?

Dr. Cheryl is here to help.

She’s passionate about helping you reverse diabetes and insulin resistance through hormone therapy and a diet and exercise plan tailored to your unique type of diabetes and symptoms – all without being miserable in the process.

With her functional medicine approach, Dr. Cheryl will help you regulate your body’s absorption of insulin so you can abolish high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity.

“Invest in yourself,” Dr. Cheryl says. “No one else will…not your doctor, not your insurance company…it’s up to you.”

Click here to begin investing in your health and register for a free fifteen-minute discovery call with Dr. Cheryl.

Our team at Vital Health Solutions can’t wait to help you reverse your insulin resistance, however long it takes, and get back your life and vitality once again.