Got Joint Pain? Trust Me…Your Doctor Won’t Know This Simple Solution

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No, joint pain is not a normal part of aging…..well, maybe it is, but don’t let your doctor tell you, “just get use to it… are getting old!”

I am not trying to be cynical, but, I hear it everyday from my clients. They are going to every specialist imaginable for help with their joint pain (knees, shoulders, neck, elbows, hands!) Don’t get me wrong, many of these specialists have very good solutions for you, but rarely will these solutions completely work until you do THIS one simple thing!

Wait for it…..

Did you know that the hormone estrogen not only helps regulate metabolism (think weight loss), but it also reduces inflammation and pain. Estrogen acts like a joint lubricant. When we lose estrogen, it affects our joints, ligaments and tendons, causing stiffness, swelling/inflammation and creaking. Collagen is also negatively influenced with a loss of estrogen, and collagen is so important for building joint cartilage.

If you are in your 50s, you may be starting to feel the symptoms of estrogen loss. I don’t mean just women, either. Men also have a loss of estrogen, because they are losing testosterone, and some testosterone naturally converts to estrogen. So, yes, men….you need estrogen too! Some folks are feeling these symptoms even younger than 50s.

So, what is the solution? You MUST optimize ESTROGEN. Yes, this is the one simple thing your doctor won’t tell you. In fact, unfortunately, your doctor may tell you to stay away from estrogen because it causes cancer or heart disease! WRONG. This is bad science! Run from any doctor telling you to avoid estrogen or Bioidentical hormones!

Now, to optimize estrogen, doesn’t necessarily mean to give estrogen, however, it MAY mean GIVE Estrogen!

Every case is different.

If you are a post-menopausal female, YES, you absolutely need ESTROGEN because your body no longer makes it.

If you are a post-androgen male, YES, you absolutely need ESTROGEN (which you will indirectly get when you receive adequate TESTOSTERONE!)

If you are a pre-menopausal female, your body may still be making estrogen, but it is on the decline. We have natural methods to help boost the effects of estrogen, without taking estrogen.

Now, let’s be clear: many doctors are still practicing using outdated and incorrect information on hormones. There is a BIG difference between estrogens. When doctors say stay away from estrogen, they should be saying, stay away from “synthetic” estrogen… know, the type still found in birth control pills. But unfortunately, many doctors don’t know the difference. Your body has made “natural” estrogen almost all its life—so how can natural estrogen be bad for you? It’s not! It’s absolutely necessary to have estrogen to prevent/reduce chronic disease, including those that stem from joint pain.

So, let’s summarize:

If you are a post-menopausal female, contact me or a specialist who understands bioidentical hormones so we can get you started on estrogen and other hormones to protect your joints, decrease inflammation and reduce all types of chronic disease.

If you are a post-androgen male (or a male with diminished testosterone), contact me or a specialist who understands biodientcal hormones so we can get you started on testosterone and other hormones to protect your joints, decrease inflammation and reduce all types of chronic disease. (Note: injectable testosterone is NOT Bioidentical, thus not the most optimal choice).

If you are a pre-menopausal female, to optimize estrogen (if your estrogen is low) you can use a plant sources of estrogen (a phytoestrogen) to help optimize estrogen, e.g. curcumin. But, caution if your estrogen levels are normal because curcurmin could inhibit the binding of your natural estrogen. Curcurmin is also a natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial herb that supports weight control, joint pain and digestion. Curcumin is the main ingredient found in turmeric.

Another way to optimize estrogen is to optimize your gut health. When estrogen begins to decline, the bad bacteria in our gut grow quicker. This can also lead to gut inflammation, better known as leaky gut. Poor gut health can also lead to joint inflammation (pain). To populate your gut with good bacteria, make sure you are eating fermented foods and/or taking probiotics. Optimizing gut health is another one of our specialties.

So, let’s help get you out of pain, for good!

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