Don't Leave Home Without This Defense Against the Glutathione Robbers

In our series, “Secret Weapon of Mass Destruction,” so far we have already addressed two “anti-inflammatory” foods (with more to come) that will help protect you from oxidation, inflammation and glycation (things that can cause mass destruction and are robbers of glutathione):

Whey Protein


Cruciferous Vegetables

As you know, you can’t always be perfect when you are eating, and even with the best intentions, you sometimes get attacked by the enemy—-“inflammatory foods,” that can rob you of your ability to make glutathione.

In these situations, I am prepared with N-acetyl cysteine, better known as NAC. I keep a small pill box in my purse with me wherever I go.

NAC is a natural precursor to Glutathione.

NAC has been used for years to help treat asthma and lung disease and to treat people with life-threatening liver failure from Tylenol overdose. It has also been recommended to use after a drinking-binge, to reduce hangover effects. (Now, I am not advocating ever drinking to this degree!!!)

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NAC has also been used to reduce the risk of kidney damage from dyes used during x-ray studies. There are many reported benefits of NAC in treating hypertension, high cholesterol and more.

If you know you have just engaged in a very “inflammatory” meal, such as char-grilled barbecue chicken (reported as one of the most inflammatory foods to eat), or a gluten-loaded meal, for example (or worse both), consider taking a capsule of NAC, 20 minutes before your meal, or 3 hours after.

Warning: NAC can potentially cause an uneasy feeling because it is a great detoxifier.  Caution also taking NAC if you still have mercury amalgam fillings because it could interfere with detoxification of the mercury.  Let me give you an example, however, how this supplement I know personally detoxifies:

One day in my office we all suddenly started smelling “natural gas.”  There was an immediate evacuation of the building, but we could not leave the grounds with our automobiles until it was cleared due to the sparks that it could cause, so there was still quite a bit of fumes in the air we were being exposed to. Because of this toxic exposure, I decided I would take a capsule of NAC, to help clear any of these toxic fumes from my system. Coincidently, I was scheduled for my own healthcare visit a few hours later, and when my blood pressure was taken at that visit, it was discovered to be 80/55. Now, I am known to have low blood pressure (around 95/65) but never this low. (I felt perfectly fine). 

So, I could only attribute it to the NAC. So, if you are prone to low blood pressure and/or are on low blood pressure medication, be cautious. when using NAC. Ideally, the goal would for us to help you stop needing blood pressure medications and this could very well be a possible alternative for you. NAC is a perfectly natural substance found in food and made in our body, when all is working as desired.

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