BrainTap Your Way to Weight Loss

Summer is here! Are your ready? If you are like most people, it’s important to feel comfortable and look nice in your summer bathing suit, shorts and/or summer dresses. I get it! And I want that for you too!

But more importantly, I want you to feel and look and be healthy for the long haul–not just for the summer fun. It has been estimated that more than 300,000 potentially avoidable deaths occur each year due to obesity. This would make obesity the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States—second only to cigarette smoking.

Overweight and obesity can lead to hypertension, high cholesterol, gallbaldder disease, heart disease, osteoarthritis, cancer, sleep apnea, kidney stones, type 2 diabetes, and a whole lot more.

Weight loss and the promotion of an ideal body weight is the number one solution for the elimination of almost all health ailments.

Are you having difficulty with stubborn weight loss? If so, I have the answer for you. Actually, I have FOUR surprising solutions for you, but I am only going to give you one solution in this blog post. Stay tuned for more!

The answer is NOT starving yourself and going on another diet. That doesn’t work, so don’t even bother! That’s not to say that you shouldn’t improve your diet. We all can use improvement in our diet, but depriving yourself is not the long-term solution, because we know now, it’s NOT about calories-in and calories-out, and I am sure you have tried this before, with little long-term success, right?

So, what is it about?

One thing that will help with stubborn weight loss is to start by healing your brain! Recent research indicates that there is a correlation between belly fat and brain health. More specifically, researchers at England’s Loughborough University have discovered a connection between belly fat and decreased grey matter in the brain. Their study examined over 9,000 participants, performing brain imaging scans and monitoring their body mass index (BMI) and waist-to-hip ratio (WHR).


Researchers found that while a high BMI had some correlation to brain shrinkage, the most relevant factor seemed to be the combination of high BMI and high WHR. Study participants with a high concentration of fat around their midsection, referred to as visceral fat, experienced a much higher likelihood of decreased grey matter in the brain. This shrinkage is a precursor to memory loss and other cognitive issues.

If you want to shed inches around your waist and support your total body health, start with optimizing your sleep and managing your stress.

Studies have shown that people who consistently sleep less than five hours a night are at higher risk for increased belly fat, regardless of their commitment to a healthy diet and consistent exercise. Sleep is precious to the body. It uses that time to dump toxins and reduce inflammation, both of which are critical components to weight maintenance and brain health.


Chronic, unmanaged stress is another common factor in the inability to lose visceral fat. Stress increases the hormone cortisol in the body, which is known to enable fat accumulation around the midsection. As we learn to interrupt our body’s natural stress response, we can decrease the flow of cortisol and make weight management easier.


BrainTap Your Way to Weight Loss

I am so excited to share with you this new technology that I am offering to my patients. It’s called “BrainTapping.” This technology allows, in just 20 minutes a day, a neuro-re-training to balance the brain. Using precise frequencies of light and sound waves, the patient wears specially designed headphones and glasses during each session, guiding them into a state of relaxation. Once the brain is fully relaxed, it can start to do self-adjustments. This helps the patient to reprogram their physiology and neurology to relieve stress, lose weight, sleep better, and many other benefits.

This is amazing….just 20 minutes a day of RELAXATION….I am not asking you to go out and run for 20 minutes….I am asking you to lie down with the BrainTap headset, and let its visualizations heighten all of your senses, boost the brain levels of serotonin, beta-endorphins and norepinephrine, all of which serve to improve overall well-being, and retrain your brain to relax, sleep better, reduce emotional eating, banish stress, increase your energy level, which all ultimately leads to the loss of body fat!

It’s truly amazing technology and along with some other amazing solutions included in my “FUNCTIONAL ROOT CAUSE WEIGHT LOSS” Package, losing weight and reaching your ideal body weight, is totally in your reach!

And guess what? This is under the guidance of medical weight loss, so you can file for reimbursement with our Superbill and/or purchase this with your HSA/FSA card. But the real reason to do this for yourself is because YOU are worth it, and living a balanced life will help you prevent all the many diseases that are contributed by obesity and overweight. How can you resist! If you are overweight, you owe it to yourself to get healthy again, and to stop the diet roller coaster that never works!

So, don’t wait another minute! Contact me TODAY and find out more about my “FUNCTIONAL ROOT CAUSE WEIGHT LOSS” Package, where I am offering you a FREE BrainTap Headset included with this amazing package. Want more information about BrainTap. Click HERE.

The BrainTap Headset retails for $549.00, but you don’t pay a dime for it when you purchase the “FUNCTIONAL ROOT CAUSE WEIGHT LOSS” Package. Plus, you can claim this purchase on your health insurance and/or HSA/FSA plan. What are you waiting for? Let this be the summer to regain your health for good!