Benefits of Testosterone for Women

how to achieve ideal testosterone levels

Testosterone is just one instrument in the symphony of hormonal balance. Total hormone replacement is about restoring the natural balance of all our hormones for optimal levels of physical and mental performance.


Testosterone is a male AND female sex hormone. Although testosterone is the most predominant hormone for males, it is also a very necessary hormone for females. Females need much less testosterone than males, but without adequate levels, the predominant female hormones (e.g. estrogen and progesterone) just don’t work as well (the music just isn’t as harmonized).



Testosterone plays a crucial role in the physical and emotional health of women, but it is very important to know that the synthetic testosterone hormone being marketed by the pharmaceutical industry can have adverse affects on the liver and should not be used. Actually, none of the “synthetic” hormones marketed by BIG Pharma, has a place in our body, so please don’t be fooled by their glamorous television commercials and other marketing gimmicks. The only hormones suitable for human use are “bioidentical” hormones that are compounded by a compounding pharmacy under the prescription of bioidentical hormone specialist, such as myself.


In women, testosterone is produced in the ovaries and adrenal glands. Normal female sexual development could not occur without testosterone, and just like in men, as women age, testosterone production declines. As a result, with a decline in testosterone, women lose their libido and sexual responsiveness. Additionally, lack of testosterone contributes to symptoms of menopause.


The good news, however, is that replenishing testosterone in women contributes to:

  • enhancement of the sexual drive (improved libido and improved vaginal lubrication)
  • the relief of menopausal symptoms
  • the restoration of energy levels
  • the prevention of urinary leakage (and future dependence on “Depends”)
  • the strengthening of bone and the prevention of osteoporosis
  • the improvement of overall sense of well-being and zest for life.


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Other benefits of testosterone include:

  • increased muscle mass
  • increase strength and endurance
  • decreased fat
  • increased exercise tolerance
  • enhancement of well-being, motivation, and mood
  • increased healing capacity
  • slowing of diseases of aging (e.g. cardiovascular disease by decreasing cholesterol and increasing HDL)
  • improved memory (protects against Alzheimer’s disease)


The best news of all about testosterone for women is that it:

  • is the best hormone for the prevention of thinning skin and wrinkles.
  • increases collagen and elastin (helps prevent saggy skin)
  • makes you look younger


Testosterone is even better at protecting against bone loss than is estrogen. Sadly, most doctors do not even know this.


The amount of testosterone a woman needs will depend on many factors, and the correct dose is determined by body weight, age and blood levels. A small amount of testosterone cream can make an incredible difference that many women have not been able to enjoy until now.


In summary, testosterone is equally as important and beneficial in females as it is for men. Please do NOT accept synthetic testosterone, and be sure to have your entire symphony of hormones optimized so that you can produce beautiful music. Only accept bioidentical hormones that are prescribed just for you by a bioidentical hormone specialist.


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