Have You Become A Victim of Glutathione Robbery?

Have you become a victim of those sneaky “glutathione” robbers?  If you don’t recall just what those glutatione robbers are, go HERE to find out.

These robbers can be very sneaky and very damaging, but the damage isn’t always visible to the naked eye, or it disguises itself by causing you so many different symptoms you might think nothing of initially, until it all takes a toll.

Do you want to know if you have truly become a victim or should you just supplement with glutathione anyway, just in case?

Well, here’s the thing:  you can go to a medical facility that administers IV (intravenous) glutathione or injections, but this is expensive and often unrealistic and difficult to do, and the benefits are short-lived for the amount of time and money invested. Glutathione is not well absorbed into the body when it is taken by mouth, so it must be administered intravenously. Isn’t there a better way?

Actually, there is.  Before we get to that, however, just know that I feel that  you should never supplement unless you truly know that you are deficient.  That goes for any type of supplement, whether taken by mouth or IV.  That’s because there are many nutrients that can be overdosed and/or have interactions with other nutrients or medications.

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Everyone is different, and not everyone needs the same nutrients, regardless if they have the same chronic condition or not.

Plus I have no desire to see you spend money needlessly. Good pharmaceutical-grade supplements, and especially  intravenous glutathione treatments, can be very costly, and I hate to see money wasted!

However, I also hate to see people avoid spending money on health products that they really need, because ultimately, they will pay the price with poor health and get stuck in our sick and poor healthcare system that can actually lead to financial bankruptcy.

Did you know that the biggest reason people declare bankruptcy is due to medical expenses and chronic illness that prevents them from working? Had they taken some preventive measures in advance, the situation may not have escalated to such a degree.

I know I am a little bit off the subject here, but I want to be sure you understand when to and when not to spend your hard-earned money on healthcare.

One excellent investment in your health is with Micronutrient Profile Testing.  Heck, it’s a lot more affordable than intravenous glutathione treatments (which I will discuss in another post).

If the Micronutrient Profile Test shows that you are not deficient in glutathione, than you have saved yourself lots of money.  There are a lot of healthcare facilities now giving IV and/or injectable Glutathione treatments for a variety of symptoms, without first testing you to see if you are really deficient. (And don’t forget about your fragile veins….chronic exposure to these chemicals can be damaging to your veins. You want to protect your veins at all cost for when you really need access to them for life-threatening situations).

If the Micronutrient Profile Test does show that you are deficient in glutathione, does that mean you should take oral or intravenous glutathione treatments?  NO! NO! NO!

Don’t be fooled by facilities wanting to automatically give you a supplement or an IV treatment for any aches or pains. 

There’s a better way, and I will show you in this next post!