GET An Expert Nurse Practitioner That Gets It?

Did you know that the word “doctor” means “docere,” which is latin for “teacher.”  I may not have the “M.D.” credentials behind my name, but I guarantee you that by that definition (and many others), I am a doctor.  But does today’s doctor really “teach,” or do they mainly “prescribe?” I love doctors, but unlike many of them, I can offer even more to my patients, because I am “teacher” and an expert masters-prepared Nurse Practitioner with additional healthcare credentials, and greater than 30 years of healthcare experience!

Beyond graduation, I have continued to participate in medical educational programs, and work, collaborate and train with other doctors, including those in functional medicine. Please see below for all the reasons you should trust your health to a Nurse Practitioner, trained conventionally and functionally, and find out more about this Nurse Practitioner and her qualifications here.

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