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Improve Intimate Wellness with vFit PLUS

Intimate wellness significantly impacts your physical, psychological, and emotional wellbeing. New advances in light therapy have led to the development of the vFit device: the world’s first at-home sexual health restoration device. Combining patented technology red light, sonic technology, and gentle heat, vFit PLUS helps improve sensation, pleasure, and intimacy without using invasive treatments or hormones. vFit PLUS is safe, quick, and effective, and the FDA has approved it as a low-risk general wellness device. At Dr. Cheryl Winter/Vital Health Solutions, we are proud to offer vFit PLUS, which is guaranteed to improve your intimate wellness, confidence, and quality of life. Call us today for a free 15-minute phone consultation.

vFit PLUS: A Revolutionary Technology That Will Improve Your Life            

Over the past few years, different types of care products for feminine intimate care have been presented to consumers; however, the best of them all is the vFit PLUS. Here’s why:

The vFit PLUS improves intimate wellness: The vFit PLUS is OB/GYN designed, and it uses a combination of red light, sonic technology, and gentle heat to enhance personal wellness. When you buy the vFit PLUS, available only through doctors, you can rest easy knowing that you are on your way to having complete joy and freedom in your body.

·  The vFit PLUS enhances comfort and performance: You can use the Photonic Gel with your vFit PLUS for maximum performance and comfort. The Photonic Gel for the vFit PLUS is an ultra-concentrated, water-based gel containing premium grade Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid to moisturize and enhance your vFit PLUS comfort and performance, and overall experience.

·  The vFit PLUS is safe and effective: This device is 100% safe as it is free of additives and chemicals. It emits a gentle heat that warms the vaginal tissue, encourages blood flow, soothes dryness, and aids in muscle stimulation. Additionally, it is easy to use. It is USB rechargeable, its illustrative icon of red light shows you that it is on, it has indicator lights, and it has different levels, which you can select according to your preference.

If you are looking for a solution that can take your intimate life to the next level, Dr. Cheryl Winter/ Vital Health Solutions can help. We offer the vFit PLUS: the first and only personal wellness device globally that uses LED technology to increase hydration, tighten vaginal walls, and improve overall sensation during physical intimacy. Feel free to get in touch with us today to schedule a free consultation and get ready to experience improved vaginal health, which will help you grow sexually in new and unexpected ways.

Experience a High-Tech Suite of Intimate Care with the vFit PLUS

With the vFit, you can achieve improved sensation, hydration, and sexual function, all from the privacy of your home. This device is also ideal as it offers additional benefits such as:

·  Quick: With this treatment, you do not have to go through a period that requires extensive care or day-to-day activities once the session is over. Wound care treatment usually lasts for 6 to 12 minutes, 3 times a week, and you can return to your

·  Proven Results: This handheld device offers treatment with no continued expense and no downtime.

·  Effective Treatment: The vFit is placed inside the vagina, allowing red light to treat the vaginal tissue. You do not have to fully insert it into your vagina for optimal results, and you can expect to see improvement as soon as 3 weeks.

Dr. Cheryl Winter/Vital Health Solutions can hook you up with a vFit device that will tighten pelvic floor muscles, aid hydration issues, and eliminate discomfort during intimacy in as little as three weeks. We are confident that you will love the vFit PLUS because avid users report increased sensation, increased confidence with intercourse, and improved intimate wellness. Search our store and let us know when you are ready to order your vFit.

Target Sexual Wellness in the Comfort of Your Home with vFit PLUS

If you want to achieve optimal sexual wellness, Dr. Cheryl Winter/Vital Health Solutions can help you do just that by offering the vFit PLUS. vFit PLUS helps patients strengthen their pelvic floor muscles, rejuvenates vaginal tissue, and alleviates dryness. It uses an innovative combination of sonic technology, therapeutic light, and gentle heat. The result: tighter vaginal walls, increased hydration, increased confidence and pleasure, and improved intimate health and wellbeing. You will love this gadget because it is affordable, non-invasive, all-natural, and you can use it in the privacy of your home.

Get in touch with us today to make your order. We are excited to provide you with this high-tech innovation that solves common problems such as tissue laxity, dryness, and loss of bladder control.

Are You Ready To Refresh Your Intimate Health? Contact Us Today, and We Will Help You Do Just That!

Dr. Cheryl Winter/Vital Health Solutions is here to share all of our amazing services designed to help you achieve intimate wellness naturally. We offer the vFit PLUS — a gadget that improves lubrication, control, and sex, all from the comfort of your home. With this device, you can experience a feeling of tightness, a stronger pelvic floor, and improved sensation. Schedule your appointment by contacting us via phone at 832-327-9332, visit our physical location at 303 Longmire Road UNIT 1001, Conroe, TX 77304, USA, or send us a direct message by completing the contact form on our website. We serve clients in El Paso, San Antonio, Conroe, and surrounding areas and can serve you, too.

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