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My Mission...

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I would be honored to help you...
  • Take off those stubborn pounds that you have been unsuccessful with doing despite improving your lifestyle and diet (without gimmicks or drugs)
  • Start getting your energy back and start feeling full of vitality again
  • Improve behavioral and emotional issues in your children, adolescents and/or adult family members
  • Reverse/eliminate chronic conditions and spend more quality time with loved ones
  • Reduce and/or prevent the complications and consequences of chronic disease
  • Truly live your life to the absolute fullest
  • See your children blossom and improve their ability to work at their full potential
  • Reduce risk of birth complications for mom and baby
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Kind words from clients...


Dear Cheryl:  I am now down approximately 100 lbs from when you started me on the right road.  You saved my life.  You thought you were just working didn’t you!  I owe you such a debt of gratitude.  I’m working out regularly and doing such things as driving myself about.  My glucose level is dead nuts normal!  It’s like I don’t have diabetes.

Jim Sawyer

Double Oak, Texas

Hi Cheryl,

I have been thinking about you lately.  I just need to reach out to say that I’m so thankful for the care you gave me during my gestational diabetes.

My little 3lb, 11oz baby from last year just turned one and is still tiny (just now 16 lbs), but healthy as can be!  I’m doing what I can to prevent diabetes in my near future and just lost 60 lbs and am now ideal body weight for my height!

Thank you again for what you did to help little RaeLynne arrive safely.  She has added such joy to our lives.  You are phenomenal to work with and a very special caretaker!

Amanda McNeil


Dear Cheryl: Thank you for opening my eyes to the risk I was facing.  My blood sugar has not been over 123 since Monday.  The pills are working perfect!  My wife has also started cooking out of her diabetes cookbook and we are looking forward to a healthy future thanks to you.