About Madison

Madison Rhoads is a certified health coach that learned the value of a healthy lifestyle after she and her husband were suffering from infertility for almost 3 years. After going through the wellness program in 2015 and restoring the health of her body and the balance of her hormones, she was able to conceive and give birth to her first son. Being amazed at what she had learned, she shifted her career and began coaching others to make the important shift to a healthy lifestyle that leads to the best possible health. Madison is a certified FDN Practitioner with a Bachelors degree in Marketing from Texas A&M University.

About Madison: I live in Houston Texas and have been a proud Texan native all my life. I am a mother of two wild and crazy boys that like to keep me on my toes. I love being outside, in particular around a beach and/or water of any type.

**Clients will meet Madison inside the curriculum**