No-Fruit Smoothie

This recipe is adapted from Dr. Mark Hyman. Ingredients: 1/2 cup baked squash blend (1 mini delicata squash and 2 honeynut squashes) 1 cup spinach 1 1/2 cups unsweetened almond milk 1 tablespoon almond butter 1 teaspoon unsweetened shredded coconut 1 scoop whey protein powder 1 tablespoon flaxseed 1 tablespoon chia seed 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon…

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Healthy Summer Tips for Fun in the Sun

People on beach healthy summer tips

Healthy Summer Tips for Fun in the Sun Summer is a time to get outside and enjoy warm days and long, lazy nights. While the warmer weather and longer days encourage us to be more active, they can also challenge our well-being. Excessive heat, sun exposure, dehydration, and changes in diet and routine can all…

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6 Gut Health Tips from Digestive Health Specialists

Woman making heart with hands over her stomach.

6 Gut Health Tips from Digestive Health Specialists The importance of restoring gut health is finally gaining attention among doctors and all across the internet. Doctors are helping patients restore gut health and speaking about this topic online. Even diet culture has latched onto gut health—it’s becoming the next fad diet trend!   Let’s cut…

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What Is All The Hype About MCT Oil?

First of all, what is “MCT?” MCT is short for Medium Chain Triglycerides. A triglyceride is a chemical compound that comes from an  organic or inorganic acid derived from glycerol (a sweet-tasting liquid that is the backbone of lipids) and three fatty acids. Triglycerides are the main constituents of body fat in humans and other…

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Carbohydrate-Controlled Recipes

CARBOHYDRATE-CONTROLLED RECIPES: MAIN MEALS: Breakfast: Powerhouse Chocolate Mint Almond Breakfast Smoothie No-Fruit Smoothie Pumpkin Muffins Baked Omelette Casserole Cinnamon-Raisin Breakfast Bread Granola, Grain-Free Lunch or Dinner: Recipe for Creamy Marinara Sauce with Chicken & Zucchini Noodles Eggplant-Artichoke-Goat Cheese Pizza on Cauliflower Crust Chicken-Spinach Low Carb Ravioli Butter Cod with Pomegranate Germolata Grilled Spicy Lamb Burger…

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Chia Seeds: What's All the Rage?

If you grew up in the 1980’s, you may remember the popular “chia pet” terracotta figurine that would sprout chia.  The rage was to watch the “chia pet” sprout and grow a coat of fur or hair in just a couple of weeks.   At that time, the chia seeds health food benefits were not popularized…

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