About Alessia

Alessia Palmini is our wonderful Receptionist/Clinical Assistant. I am not sure how we ever did without her!

She is a hard-working young lady and is a valuable asset to VITAL Health Solutions.

Alessia is from Venezuela. When she is not hard at work for us, she is spending time with her amazing husband, Luis, in their new Conroe home that they bought together. Additional to working a full-time job with us, Alessia is a hard-working college student, aiming towards becoming a registered dietitian. She actually earned a nutrition degree already when in Venezuela, but it would not transfer to the States, so, she is doing it all over again. That is a statement of determination and grit, which Alessia has plenty of!

Since working with VITAL Health Solutions, she has completed a two-year associates degree at Lonestar College, and now she has been accepted into the University of Houston’s Nutrition & Dietetics Program, where she is starting her Junior year as an undergrad. We are so proud of Alessia!

We are delighted to have Alessia as part of our team.