Functional Root Cause Weight Loss Package

Difficulty Losing Weight Long-Term? It’s not all about “calories-in and calories-out.” That philosophy just doesn’t work for most of us. State-of-the-art genetic and metabolic testing plus brain technology-can get to the root cause of your weight-loss difficulties! End Your Weight Loss Struggles for Good!

We have bundled essential labs for getting to the root cause of weight loss, plus provided additional resources and services for you into an extremely affordable package. You can even get reimbursed significantly through your insurance company, when you submit our superbill. That’s right! The cost of our services is cheaper than what meets the eye, so don’t let the cost stop you!

See below for the amazing benefits you will receive. We have truly worked hard at providing you an exceptional value in this package. If you truly want to shed the weight, this package is a “no-brainer.” No need to shop around–this is your best deal ever–mostly because your health is about to change for the better! If you do nothing, nothing will change!

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Difficulty Losing Weight?

Our methods for permanent weight loss are like no other. And that’s because we get to the root cause! We use state-of-the-art lab testing and technology. We incorporate all the missing pieces you have not considered before.

  • Genetic & Nutrient Evaluation
  • Metabolic Evaluation
  • BrainTap Technology


Includes the following:

  • 3, 60-90 Minute Consultations (value: $330 per visit)
  • Dr. Cheryl’s Best Selling Book, Prescription Detox: How Our Allegiance to Big Pharma Makes Us Sicker and How You Can Heal Without Meds
  • Micronutrient Testing & Assessment/Plan    ($490 value)
  • Cardimetabolic Testing & Assessment/Plan    ($325 value)
  • Personalized Potential Profile Genetic Evaluation: Food, Fitness & Function ($375 value)
  • BrainTap Bluetooth Headset ($549 value): enables the delivery of gentle light pulses along with the synchronization of brainwaves to a specialized sound, using the matrix of Neuro-activity; Braintapping creates a symphony of brainwave activity; when the brain starts to synchronize, the whole body starts to synchronize and this helps the patient to reprogram their physiology and neurology to relieve stress, lose weight, sleep better, and many other benefits. Click the HERE to learn more.
  • Meal Planning & Supplement Prescription Based on Results (>$300 value)
  • Online Platform for Accessing the Tools, Videos and Other Resources You Will Need for Fundamentally Implementing Your New Lifestyle & Navigating This Journey (>$200 value)
  • Discounted 3-month Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet (optional)
  • Once you make your purchase & return the completed intake forms, schedule your initial appointment HERE.

* For In-person visits and those desiring weight loss, consider an additional purchase of the Metabolic Analysis & Body Composition Analysis Package. Allow additional 1/2 hour.