Biocidin Comprehensive Cleansing (liquid)

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Complete Broad-Spectrum Nutritional Support

Conveniently Packaged in a 12-Item Kit for a Two Month Supply

Remove. Replace. Restore. Repair.

In Functional Medicine, the 4 R’s of balancing microbiome ecology in the GI tract is considered the foundation for establishing overall health. Our Comprehensive Cleansing Program™ addresses the 4 R’s with specialized and synergistic formulations to provide a clinically effective, easy to use program.

Typically, a minimum of 2 months use of our formulations, along with a healthy diet is recommended to address microbial imbalances and restore intestinal ecology.

Our Comprehensive Cleansing Program™ is easy to administer and is a 15% savings over the total cost of individual products, and includes a FREE Dentalcidin™ toothpaste ($27.95 value).


Biocidin Comprehensive Cleansing Kit

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